WEATHER – Be prepared for anything. In the high altitudes it can snow any month of the year. In the winter, I-80 between Rawlins and Cheyenne can sometimes be treacherous. I-25 between Douglas and Cheyenne is known for ferocious cross winds that can blow over tractor trailers and other light high profile vehicles. If driving in inclimate weather, simply slow down! Here are some helpful winter weather driving tips.

WILDLIFE – While driving through the state, you will certainly see wildlife along our highways and roads while traveling. Please drive defensively and use caution when driving at dawn, dusk and in the evening when it is more difficult to see. If there is an animal crossing the road in front of you, it is safer to break and possibly hitting the animal that it is swerving and possibly losing control of or rolling your vehicle. Here are more tips.

MARIJUANA – The use and possession of marijuana (including medicinal) is against the law and strictly enforced. Here are Wyoming marijuana laws and penalties.

FIREARMS – There are no regulations prohibiting the sale or possession of firearms. Non-residents can open carry a firearm without a permit. Wyoming also recognizes concealed firearms permits from many other states. Please contact the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office for an updated list.